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It can be extremely frustrating and difficult when purchasing or seeking advice for business or home CCTV systems.  Most individuals purchase from the internet or seek advice from friends and colleagues.  Then after you have blindly made the purchase you realise your purchase does not meet your standards of quality or you are unhappy with the quality of the camera or the CCTV System.  And you may realise the CCTV system does not have the flexibility of certain functions and features that you wanted.

At the Leicester CCTV Centre we have made it simple.  A complete instore LIVE demonstration of all our up to date Cameras and CCTV Systems. Along with expert knowledge and unbiased advice.  Here you can either just browse or purchase a complete system or upgrade knowing you have made the right choice, a complete informed decision before you make that purchase.  Whether you are a trade customer or an end user it really is that simple.  You can feel, touch and play with any range of system to ensure you are in fact making the right choice.

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When you shop for home surveillance cameras and systems at Leicester CCTV , you need never sacrifice quality for reasonable prices. While we offer some surprisingly cost effective security cameras, you can feel confident that all of our products at Leicester CCTV will perform well in your home or office surveillance situation. If you are looking to upgrade your current video surveillance system, Leicester CCTV Centre offer an excellent selection of DVR Systems and high end CCTV cameras for indoor and/or outdoor use. Each security CCTV camera you'll find here supports established industry standards and is fully compatible with all digital security systems. This greatly simplifies the process of changing out your old cameras for the latest in infrared or PTZ camera technology or upgrading your old CCTV system for a digital with all of features and functions.

Something that sets Leicester CCTV Centre apart from our competitors is the excellent customer service and free technical support we provide for life. We are delighted to talk you through the installation of a DVR System / indoor outdoor cameras and hidden security cameras or help you connect your CCTV cameras to one of the high quality DVRs we offer.

If you are new to video surveillance systems, we can assist you in choosing the products that will best support your needs. You are welcome to come in and browse our product ranges to learn about the latest in video surveillance applications and technology, or call us on Tel_0116 278 7812

Other offerings:

  • Leicester's complete in-store LIVE demonstrations of all ranges of DVR units. Demonstrations such as setup, playback, recording and general ease of use.
  • Leicester CCTV's in-store demonstration of all cameras. Live examples of day and night views.  Here you can clearly assess the quality of recordings during the day and night.
  • Leicester CCTV instore demonstration watching your CCTV system over network and remote access.  As all our DVR systems are completely remoteable Leicester CCTV provide live demonstrations of what each system looks like over the network and via a remote location. Here you will see the quality aspects of the video as well as functions and features.
  • Live examples of real life footage of incidents such as burglaries, thefts, fights etc..
  • Leicester CCTV Centre can provide complete DIY Kits if you wish to self install or offer a complete installation by our own installers.  Should you wish to install yourselves our technical team will provide indepth advise and ease the burden of installations.
  • At Leicester CCTV we include full remote access and networking service with all our DVR's.  If you do not have one of our DVR units we still offer this service.

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