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Ultra Stream HDMI


Magewell Part Number: Please choose the device which meets your local power supply standard. 53010 US; 53012 EU; 53013 UK One-channel HD encoder

  • Record and stream 1 channel of HDMI + embedded audio
  • Loop-through HDMI + embedded audio


  Ultra Stream HDMI  


Easy to Use

• Stand-alone device; no computer needed

• Control via on-device buttons or intuitive Android/iPhone smartphone app

• LED indicators display status






Live Stream to Platforms of Your Choice

• Encode and stream at up to 1080p60

• Stream to YouTube, Twitch and Facebook Live with one click

• Stream to a custom RTMP server

Ultra Stream HDMI







Record High-quality Video for Storage and Sharing

• Preview, record & stream simultaneously

• Record to MP4 files at up to 1080p60

• H.264 video encoding with AAC audio

• Save to mobile phone or to a connected USB flash

Ultra Stream HDMI















Different Formats for Streaming and Recording

• Set different resolutions, frame rates and bit rates for streaming and recording simultaneously.

Eg. 720p30 for streaming and 1080p60 for recording.

Ultra Stream HDMI









Support 4K Input & Loop-through

• Supports inputs up to 4096x2160p60 (4:2:0)

• Loop-through at 4K for displays

Ultra Stream HDMI










Add your Narration; Monitor your Audio

• Connect a microphone via analog audio input

• Monitor HDMI and microphone

Ultra Stream HDMI










Wired & Wireless

The Ultra Stream HDMI can be connected to the Internet via Ethernet or Wi-Fi.

Ultra Stream HDMI

One-click Firmware Update

• Check whether a newer firmware version is available.

• Click “update” to start the automatic firmware update.





Ultra Stream HDMI